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March 6, 2013

DÍA: Issue One: The Innocent Prisoner

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So I decided to make a graphic novel.

Do I know why? No. Why do I do anything? I’ve been literally making macrophile stuff for the internet for 17 years, which is longer than some of you who are too young to be reading my stuff but old enough to want to have been alive.

So as I said, I decided to make a graphic novel, but there’s only one hitch: I can’t draw to save my life.

So I used Daz3D instead.

The results so far have been interesting, and if nothing else, I’m having a lot of fun playing. And it’s let me get started on a story that I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a couple of years, so there’s that.

And even if you think it sucks, it’s free, so what do you care?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the first issue of DÍA. And don’t worry; as per usual, I care about character development and scene-setting, so the action doesn’t really start until page 16, but it does exist, and it will ramp up in future issues. Swear.

D.X. Machina

(Click on any/all to embiggen)


Page 1-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 3-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 6-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 2-page001

Page 9-page001

Page 10-page001

Page 11-page001

Page 12-page001

Page 13-page001

Page 14-page001

Page 15-page001

Page 16 17-page002

Page 18-page001

Page 19-page001

Page 20-page001

Page 21-page001

Page 22-page001

Page 23-page001

Page 24-page001

Page 25-page001

Page 26-page001


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